1. About me and this website

About me and this website

Welcome to my website. I'm model airplane collector Ken. I am Japanese.

Here is a gallery of pictures of my model airplane collection and reviews. Model Review consists mainly of ready-made models and easy built models. This site is primarily in Japanese.

I am working from a limited budget, and this is such a fast changing hobby, so, I will only be covering a select sampling of new offerings. I am also seeking others who share my hobby in order to exchange ideas and information.

With some ways to enjoy this hobby, I hope that I am able to present you with a unique perspective.

I hope you share my enthusiasm in this exciting hobby.

Published: December 1st, 2006

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You may use any pictures or text on this website, but all textual usage must be a direct quotation and cite the author. When using pictures do not remove "Photo by KEN" or "CG by KEN" from the image. The author assumes no liability for any damage, financial or otherwise, which results from the use of material contained in this website.

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